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100% T1 Traffic! 20% Opt-in + or 100% REFUND! Massive 20% OD | $1,000 In Bonuses! Buyers List Included! Best DEAL on Udimi! Insane VALUE!
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About me and my offer
★ This is not just any random solo ad. This is super responsive 100% T1 traffic that converts. ★ Unlike 95% of people in this industry, I actually believe in being fair, honest and providing epic value that's found nowhere else. On top of the bonuses I am now offering at least a 20% opt-in guaranteed or I will refund you. You will most likely get anywhere from 30%-56%. Your success = My success ❤ You will receive 100% of the traffic from T1 countries to build a premium, high quality list to maximize the potential of sales. You will receive a total of over 40 bonuses on top of the high quality, premium T1 traffic! Again, If you don't get at least a 20% opt-in. I will give you a 100% REFUND! If I can't provide you with a stellar service then I don't deserve your payment. You will need to be using tracking and provide me with your public stats link so I can verify. ✔ 100% T1 Traffic ✔ Huge 20% Over Delivery ✔ 20%+ Opt-in Guaranteed or Refund ✔ 40 Bonuses Valued Over $1,000 ✔ Landing Page Examined For Success ✔ No Mobile and No Desktop Orders Accepted (Rare) I seriously doubt you will find a deal with this much value anywhere else. Please ask me any questions you may have. Thanks for your time and please stay safe! ✌
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What are the bonuses?
They are programs, software, strategy videos, courses, traffic sources and other methods for generating online income. They are literally worth more than $1,000 in total.
How is your list built?
It is built with Google, Facebook, Bing, and Pinterest ads. Along with other ad networks as well. So you will be getting fresh, non-recycled, responsive leads.  

It is NOT built by trading traffic with other solo vendors which is what A LOT of people here on Udimi do. 

This greatly decreases your opt-ins and it's nearly impossible to get sales from recycled, used and abused leads.
Can you look at my offer and funnel and see if it will convert?
Absolutely! I can give you a pretty good idea if your offer and funnel will convert well with my list. I will gladly let you know if it doesn't, or how you could modify it to increase the success of your campaign. 

Your success = My success
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