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TOP PREMIUM QUALITY | 400k+ list | 3k-5k/wk NEW subs | Tier 1 97%+| 1% OD | Niche - MMO, IM, Biz-op| Over 10 Years of Exp | FRESH PREMIUM Traffic
Dwane King
From United States.
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TOP PREMIUM QUALITY | 400k+ list | 3k-5k/wk NEW subs | Tier 1 97%+| 1% OD | Niche - MMO, IM, Biz- op| Over 10 Years of Experience | FRESH PREMIUM Traffic ➡️100% Tier 1 Traffic/ +10%OD/ ➡️ ALSO USA ONLY Traffic ➡️TRAFFIC CONVERTS/ ➡️Active List + Buyers List "FRESH DAILY SUBSCRIBERS"/ ➡️10% Over Delivery GUARANTEED/ ➡️100% MMO/IM/MLM/BizOpp Targeted Clicks/ ➡️NO DISAPPOINTMENTS! You will be ordering again and again..../
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Dwane King
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Q: What is the Tier 1 (T1) percentage of your list and from what countries?
A: I send traffic from over T1 80%+ (US, CA, UK, NZ, AU) and I have also option to order only T1 100% traffic.
Q: How are you building your list?
A: My list was build only with paid traffic source through solo ads, FB ads, Bing ads and media buy.
Q: How big is your list?
A: I have over 20k subscribers on my list and I use Aweber autoresponder.
Q: How frequently do you add new subscribers Is your list responsive?
A: I add more than 300 fresh subscribers per day on my list.
Q: Do you include buyers?
A: I have more than 4,500 BUYERS on my list.
Q: Is your list suitable for MLM/Bizop/MMO?
A: Yes. My list is targeted for MLM, Bizopp and MMO niche.
Q: Do you over deliver? If so, how much?
A: Yes I always over deliver 10% clicks on the total amount of the order, i.e. if you order

100 clicks, you will receive 110 clicks (10% clicks free)
Q: What’s the desktop and mobile percentage of your list?
A: People every day are using smartphones and tablets for their everyday tasks. Whether it’s business related or for entertainment purposes, mobile devices are preferred amongst many people. With that said, it’s normal to have both desktop and mobile users on an email list.

On average ratio desktop/mobile clicks is 40% desktop and 60% mobile clicks.
Q: Do you provide/write swipes?
A: Yes I do provide/write my own swipe for free.
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Your order will start 48 -72 hour from when your order was received
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99% United States
1% all the rest
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