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Fresh, 95% T1 traffic + 10% OD. Aiming for the best quality possible. My list does best with "Make Money Online", "BizOpp","Affiliate Marketing" etc.
Tommy Drozd
From Poland.
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95% T1 - Fresh & targeted traffic straight from the search engines. Always over delivering. Aiming for the best quality possible. My list does best with 'MMO', 'Biz Opp', 'Work From Home', & similar niches.
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Do you check my link?
Yes. I always check the link and opt-in with my email for two reasons. Firstly, I want to be certain that everything is working. Secondly, I need to reassure that there isn't anything "sketchy" going on.
Can I provide my plain affiliate link?
If you really insist then YES.

But please don't forget that... THE MAIN GOAL OF SOLO ADS is to improve your overall business by expanding your mailing list. 

By doing follow ups with your new subscribers, you are increasing your chances of monetizing your list and building a solid following for yourself. 

By sending traffic to a plain link you're never going to see those people again because they will see your offer only once.
What's your traffic quality?
All my solo runs come from +90% Tier 1 countries + 10% over-delivery. 

Udimi also filters out clicks that are worthless & thanks to my tracking techniques you will never receive the same traffic to your offer.
How fresh is your list?
My list is getting few hundred new subscribers per day mostly through Google Ads. My subscribers come from the search engines. This means that they are already looking for something specific. 

Besides, I'm constantly cleaning my list.

You will never receive twice the same traffic from my services.
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56% United States
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5% all the rest
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