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My name Is Gabriel. I am dedicated to help other Marketeers, like yourself, to reach the success they deserve by providing the Highest Quality Traffic
Gabriel Ngchoonbu
From Singapore.
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About me and my offer
Dear Precious Customers, My Name Is Gabriel Ng. If you have a product to promote you know you need a constant flow of good, reliable traffic to your offer. ​Web traffic is the life blood for any online business. In other words, an online business with no HEALTHY & CONSISTENT traffic simply cannot survive. ​I am determined and committed to help you make money and succeed online. And moreover, to create a huge difference in the market place. ​I am dedicated to help other Marketers, like yourself, to reach the success they deserve by providing the Highest Quality Traffic in the Industry of Solo Ads! I have received numerous positive testimonials since 2019 and herewith what my customers have to say about my traffic:- > Got Sales! > Fast Speed of Delivery! > Quality Traffic - Top Tier and high opt-ins! > Easy to Communicate with and Super Responsive! > Friendly and Highly Dependable! So buy with CONFIDENCE. Feedback is always welcome, I am always AT YOUR SERVICE and a big THANK You for your support!
How quickly we can deliver our services?
As per our capacity, we can deliver the required solutions within 24 hours. Our team works quite hard to supply what the clients demand and that’s why our clients trust us.
What type of traffic I provide?
It is our commitment to provide only genuine users and no crap. We have always delivered what we promise. Therefore, you can expect us to provide fresh and responsive subscribers for your marketing needs.
Is buyer’s list included?
Yes, buyer’s list is included.
Can you guarantee subscribers and/or sales?
No, this absolutely depends on your offer. However, I will ensure your offer is a good match for my list before sending, and I will amend or even re-write any email sales copy to maximise results.
Is there anything in particular your list is NOT responsive ?
Yes, anything that is NOT MMO (Make Money Online), MLM (Multi-Level Marketing), Biz Ops, (Home Based Business Opportunities), Traffic Offers, Mobile Offers, Social Media, and general Internet Marketing may NOT be responsive.
If your order has not started yet, I can refund your money. Otherwise, there will be NO REFUNDS.
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1% New Zealand
11% all the rest
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