Forum Solo ads Hello guys , I am new here and I would like to get some help ! ( I am a beginner)

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As you know, all the beginnings are HARD so I happily recive all the advice that you could give me .

Thank you guys and see you around.

Tobias and Madalina

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My advice would be to choose your product or service wisely. Udimi sellers will do their best to get the word out. I have had amazing success here. TEST TEST TEST. You cannot expect a windfall of sales without putting in some effort. Solos are not magic, but they ARE the best way to connect with people, and at a minimum, build a list that you can use for the future. Check with sellers to see if their list has seen your offer before. It could save you some time.

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We were all new here once. Welcome.

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Hi Nicholas,

Everything is hard, and then it gets easy. If you are looking for advice,

Ask a specific question and you will get a specific answer