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Is it profitable to sell on udimi?

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So to answer your question Chuk, Is it PROFITABLE to sell on Udimi. The answer is YES, for only one person in the room lol

All the rest of us can sink, I'm sure the 'powers that be' will find others they can sucker into selling for their last dollar...

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If you know your cost of lead generation....and you know the cost of doing business at udimi...sure you can make a consistent nice profit. But keep in mind you have to reinvest 75% of your income into lead generation, overhead and advertising.

If you don't do that your business will flounder...or fail.

So lets say you make $50 on a sale... you have to pay all the fees Udimi charges....and reinvest into your business overhead and lead cost... So you can keep maybe $12 of the $50

Good luck

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Please look at the picture below, automatically 15% are affiliate fees, even though the buyer purchased through my profile after I contacted them about their post. Udimi takes service fee, even though they add 3 extra cent to the price the buyer sees. Also fees are taken out for payment processor and when withdrawing money to my account if using papal 2% of what is been withdrawn is taken also. In the end from $80 I get $56 in my account which is less than what I sell outside Udimi,which is $0.60. Based on my cost per sub and average click rate, my cost per click(CPC) for a solo is $0.45. But on udimi due to all the filter you have to send about 40% more traffic which makes my new CPC $0.63. If sell all my clicks on Udimi I will be making a loss. I know Udimi is not a non-profit organization so they have to make money also. I suggest Udimi service fees should go up by 40%. Affiliate commissions for referring someone should not be taken from every solo ad they purchase but from Udimi service fees, prime membership payment and extra 3 cents Udimi charges. Sellers should have the option to allow affiliates or not and set their commissions. This will bring a whole lot more volume of transaction to Udimi and everyone will be profiting and smiling

See attach

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can someone teach me how to sell solo ads i want to do it but i dont know how to get people leads as fast i see everyone on here doing

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Great Answer Andy!

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It depends on what price per click you consider to be profitable.

You have to send typically 50% extra clicks due to the number of clicks that are filtered.

If you wanted to make 0.35c per click nett you would have to charge around 0.74c per click to take into account payment processor, Udimi and Affiliate fees and the additional clicks you would have to send.

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