Forum Solo ads Need to promote my motor club business

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includes 24/7 roadside assistance , discounts on hotel and car rental , dental , vision , prescription, all that, In US and Canada only

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William McRea
William McRea on 30 May 2018 at 00:56

Please stop promoting your scam fiver traffic in a forum meant for Udimi....rude

No scam here, funny how I have never worried about another mans business. Please don't associate Scam with my name, we do not know each other. Read my reviews.

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Please stop promoting your scam fiver traffic in a forum meant for Udimi....rude


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Depending on the platform you are selling you might be better off with social media promotion.

1.Amazon has its own PPC platform which is great but other ecom stores will require outside traffic and social media works best.

2.Try Facebook ads for quick traffic, however you gotta be careful its expensive and if you haven't done this before you might need to spend a bit to mature your pixel.

3.Set up an instagram and pinterest account for your ecom business be active and engaged and you can drive traffic via those channels as well.

4.Lastly but certainly not least consider giveaway promotions asking people to share to get an entry into the giveaway..depending on product and how effective your promotion is you can go viral with giveaway promotions.

Best of Luck,


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96% -100% T1 + Generous Bonus Clicks at a very reasonable price. Yup, your page is everything. Keep it clean, simple and straight-to-the-point for maximum optins and sales. From what I’ve found, simple text-based opt-in pages work best. The salespage can have a really concise video. Anything more can confuse and lower sales

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Hi, my list is MCA are you handling the leads, let me check out your landing page and if you need help i can also recommend a free sales system for MCA that works really well as well. thanks