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Hi, I love giving OD to my customers. Is there any possible way that I can give the OD above than the max that currently Udimi allows? Anybody done anything like this before?

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Free traffic is with exacrly what you pay for it....


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I am against a higher overdelivery. Price wars are already at a level where they have never been before, but with people sending like 30% overdelivery it will 1. kill this industry, and 2. buyers are expecting to receive at least 10%. I received a lot of messages the last months where people said they will only buy if they receive 20%+ OD.

Overdelivery is a bonus, not a must. To be honest with good lead quality you don't need to send high OD's. I don't want to personally offend anybody, but offering higher OD's normally means a lack of quality, and this is compensated by just sending more.

Not a good way to do business in my opinion.

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Over delivering to me should be like a bonus to the customer if they get it... when it becomes expected it loses it's value.

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BEWARE Of sellers making propositions like that. I would question the source and quality of the leads. I just joined an affiliate marketing course and i have been exploited in every way. my email has been sold to every new affiliate attempting to sell the same program im in. and the coincidence of that is none. are these leads, good leads. No, are they legitimately from a person who is interested in the Biz op niche, Yes, but what are the chances that im going to buy the same course -NO!

now that i know what has been done to me. what should i do? this is like fraud, isn't it?

I would not repurchase the same training , but the point is the owner of the course sold me out and is profitin from my email address knowing that im a bad lead. whoever buys from him is getting jilted becaus ehe is selling all his students and we are selling eachother , how bad is that.

I want to clarify that my last post has nothing to do with my Udimi order from Kujtim Guga! just in case it may have appeared that way. i am stricly speaking my own personal email address that i am getting the ad from several different people. and not only that i wrote back to one of then and said you may want to know im in the same course you are. And you know what, it wasn't a no reply, and the same woman sent me more and different ads to the same landing page as im using again. so i don't know if there set up on an auto responded what?

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Even 15% is a lot.

Too much over-delivery eventually will kill the solo ad industry.