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Hello, I am actually very beginner for this and I try to buy some seller for my hoplink from clickbank which is MMO. I just want to buy again to make sure that the clickbank and udimi is work based on my knowledge with youtube. I have so many watched in youtube that actualy succesfull in this udimi with clickbank affiliate so here I am and I try it. Let see if this really work and if its not pls advise me what should I do first nefore I buy seller. Thank you in advanc

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Build a list..You can sell multiple items to a client and you have multiple opportunities to sell the one item you are marketing.

Here's the thing no one tells people. Ive been a Clickbank vendor for over 10 years. It's a nice consistent business and I enjoy doing it.

IMPULSE BUYERS...those people that buy the first time they see your sales letter are BY FAR more likely to refund their purchases Those people that look at an offer several times...while slower to buy...almost never refund. My sales funnels average 90 days.

As a seller at Udimi I optin to ever clients funnel. I AM SHOCKED how poor and how short MOST of the follow up emails are. People it can take up to 9 TOUCHES before some one buys. Why spend all this money on traffic and not fully monetize the opportunity.

If you build a list you have an asset and you can promote a lot more than the one item.

The other advice is learn to Segment leads in your autoresponder. It makes all the difference in the world.

Best oif luck


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Good advise from Tomaz, clickbank is successful with many Udimi sellers and buyers, but it's not as easy as many say it is, you need to persevere and make a good follow up system.

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Build a funnel/landing page and grow your list while you promote your affiliate offer.