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I received some 45 names from my solo purchase and only 3 op ins.

I have emailed these names 8 to 10 times with offers and requests to op in but not a single PEEP. Are they real people? What can I do now?

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A great headline, single email optin/with a call to action will usually get you good conversions. Make sure you are using Gmail if you are using a free account. Yahoo, hotmail etc. may not end up in your inbox. Example:

See attach

Richard Lang

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Usually you get what you pay for :)

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You need to ensure that your emails are getting to the inbox of your subscribers ...also it may happen that you are Inboxing with Yahoo and not with Gmail and the other way round...ask 8-10 of your friends to opt-in to check where the emails are landing

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List it to small to make any determination


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In the case of low open rates on broadcasts it may be several reasons behind it, most common is bad swipes. You can also check your IP reputation, if it has low score or is blacklisted, then broadcast will most likely end up in spam / trash can or perhaps in promotion tabs only.

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Its always best to speak to the solo ad seller first and then proceed with an order. If you randomly purchase solo ads it may or may not be successful.
Be specific, ask seller questions and then you will definitely get results..
I have been selling solo ads for quite sometime and this is the most common issue.

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Keep trying other solos from other members. I've bought over 400 solos on Udimi.

The average person gets over 100 emails each day. Thats a lot of noise to get through, plus multiple different folders that make up the inbox these days.