How a Bridge Page Will Increase Conversions
How a Bridge Page Will Increase Conversions
Randy Sult
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A bridge page is webpage that comes after a lead capture page, but before the sales page or the page where you offer your product.

It is a powerful conversion booster that every good marketer should use in their online marketing efforts.

The idea is that you are bridging your landing page with the product page and it is here, where you can use various strategies to improve your conversions. The best converting bridge pages use video, especially ones that include you, introducing yourself and the product to your prospect.

You can pre-sell the prospect and show them what to expect when they land on the offer page. You can “talk” to your prospect one on one. You may want to explain what the offer is to your prospect before they visit your sales page. It also gives you the opportunity to offer your visitors bonus content. You really want to stand out from other marketers who are promoting the same product as you!

It’s all about building a relationship with the prospect. A bridge page will help you to do that.

Randy Sult

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