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How can i improve my landing page ? The best Way, it dosent convert well and i need help to improve it.Anyone Åke

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Thanks for info

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Simple....single opt-in...include the name of who is sending the emails. Make your bribe quality and deliver it immediately to build trust. Most people's bribe ends up being a sales going to win friends that way. Give them something of real value

Complicated forms DO not work

Best of luck


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In my opinion, and based on experience, the best landing page for solo ad traffic regardless of your niche includes the following:

A very simple 1-line headline that offers something of value for FREE that will help your customer solve a major problem. That way, no matter what, you are attracting the right prospect. A form that collects EMAIL ONLY. Ask for the name or other information you would like later. after they have opted in and they know you.No need for fancy backgrounds unless it's a simple photo or video of you adding credibility to the claim of your headline.A Button to submit the form that has a call to action on it.DELIVER on the lead magnet you offered in the landing page. Don't just send them to your sales page first. Give them the free value that you offered and ask nothing in return until later.

Randy Sult