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I started affiliate marketing back in Jan. 2012. I help people learn how to make money online through building an email list!
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I started affiliate marketing back in Jan. 2012. After going into a diabetic coma and suffering a stroke at the exact same, it practically rendered my entire body impotent. I started physical therapy and under went rigorous visits to the doctor teaching me how to function in society all over again. I had to learn how to walk talk and even had to learn how to feed myself using utensils, I also had to learn how to tie my own shoes all over again. After being deemed disabled permanently I only retrieved about 80% of my motor skills back. So, after finally getting approved for disability back in Nov. 2019 I pretty much used some of my back pay for a brand new MacBook pro 2015 and a 55" flat screen Vizio TV just so I could use my laptop hooked to my TV. I decided to go back to work doing affiliate marketing and this is the first real digital product I created... I figured why not help other affiliate marketers that are going down this long hard road of affiliate marketing so I created my own product to help others from making the same mistakes I did. Let me tell you all the trials and tribulations going hard for 12 yrs. without any ROI is damn frustrating, but let me tell you I'm not one for giving up. I've learned that persistence and consistency is the only way to start to learn how to make $100,000 in just 12 months.