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What do Internet Marketing legends like Anthony Tilley, Igor Kheifets, Mike Thomas...have in common? To be more specific, my traffic...
From Thailand.
Member for 8 years
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About me and my offer
TOP SELLER SINCE 2013. What do Internet Marketing legends like Anthony Tilley, Igor Kheifets, Mike Thomas Paul De Sousa and others have in common? Me. To be more specific, my traffic... Only SALES matter!!! Solo ad vendor since 2013. 600+ Testimonials. Adding 700+ NEW SUBS daily. 48% Clients On UDIMI got SALES! Full time sollo ad vendor since 2013. SPECIAL!!! If you order 100 clicks or more I Will Build You a Landing Page For Free. You will just change text in editor to be in order with your offer. Send me a message if you need FREE lander... Why choose my traffic? reason # 1 High Quality Traffic - 85-95% from the US, Ca, Au NZ and UK. You can also order top tier countries only. # 2 Fresh Leads Every Day That Are Willing To Buy # 3 High Quality, No Popup, Pop Under or Exit Traffic # 4 can send your swipe or write Swipe for you # 5 There are hundreds who got sales. Check below or visit my page Adding fresh lead every day. My list was built through: - Paid Traffic (PPL,CPA, Solo ads) - Product Sales - Adswaps - Listbuilder/JV events Please note that "No Mobile" orders are not accepted. The probability that you will get sales is high, however, there is still a possibility that you won't get sales. It depend also on your funnel, offer and relationship you make with your flowers and subscribers. Most people think if they buy traffic they should make tons of sales instantly. Most of your sale won’t be made from sending prospect directly to your sales offer….This is why you need to follow up them and give them value and expose them with different angles….Realize only few people will buy immediately. Most people need a time to warm up, before they make decision. Please understand that I am providing you with a high quality lead generation service (not a guaranteed sales service) and it is up to you to offer them a high converting offer, then follow up with them to get sales. In case you expect a sale, and plan to give me a negative review if you don't get one or if you get a lower optin rate than what you have in mind, then please do not buy from me. Thank you. Any questions before, during or after your solo ad myself will be happy to take care of you.
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Do you Accept "No Mobile" traffic Orders?
Sorry I don't Accept " No Mobile" orders.
Can I Show You My Website/Link/Offer Before I Place An Order With You?
Of Course! :)
Send me a PM and will check your website in order to check if it is good fit or not....:)
Do you send solo to your buyer's list?
When you order from me your offer will be seen to my entire list included buyer list. This is my list that have proven to have buyers that has helped many generates sales
Is your list frsh? How many leads do you add dally?
I'm constantly cleaning my list so that I only keep good fresh and engaged subscriber/leads. I currently add anywhere from 200 - 1000 leads daily,
Do I need to provide an Email swipe when I place an order?
No, I will create swipe for you, that will help you get sales.
Which niche/market offers can I Advertise With you?
My list is in make money online, business opportunity and MLM, network marketing offers.I will reject offers outside these niches.
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77% United States
5% United Kingdom
5% Canada
2% Australia
1% New Zealand
10% all the rest
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2 free trials, about 40% optin, thank you.
Seller ratings of Nino Sem
David Wilburn
1 Mar 2021
Excellent seller fast service many opt-ins would definitely recommend
Udimi stats: Delivered 105 out of 100 visitors (+5%)
Michael Woodall
22 Sep 2020
Lots of optins! Thanks! Too soon to see how many sales I will get.
Udimi stats: Delivered 517 out of 500 visitors (+3%)
No sales
Edward Diaz
26 Aug 2020
Bot traffic was driven to my site to perform clicks. I installed hotjar to monitor the activity of the incoming traffic, and everything that I captured for replay review, coming from the seller's referring click traffic links, were correlated to activity that looked like or similar to the video replay attached to this review. Amount of "clicks" over delivered, so I'll rate 3 stars if it was just based on raw "clicks".
Udimi stats: Delivered 135 out of 125 visitors (+8%)
Sotero Garcia
23 Jul 2020
Good solo
Udimi stats: Delivered 135 out of 125 visitors (+8%)
No sales
Sammy De La Cruz Chan
15 Jul 2020
Good Optins!
Udimi stats: Delivered 116 out of 100 visitors (+16%)
8 Jun 2020
Good solo
Udimi stats: Delivered 220 out of 200 visitors (+10%)
Got sales
James Fawcett
18 Apr 2020
great run sales thanks mate
Udimi stats: Delivered 108 out of 100 visitors (+8%)
Got sales
James Roger Williams
30 Mar 2020
Nice solo. I will order again.
Udimi stats: Delivered 55 out of 50 visitors (+10%)
Got sales
Chris Espinola
29 Feb 2020
good traffic run 28% optin and 2 free member sign ups
Udimi stats: Delivered 150 out of 150 visitors
No sales
Tanner Stark
18 Feb 2020
Udimi stats: Delivered 101 out of 100 visitors (+1%)
Got sales