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Premium Biz opp/Make Money/IM/Personal Development /Spiritual/Manifestation. fresh leads being added daily. Buyer leads included. 90-100% Tier 1.
Katharine Koe
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About me
✓90% Top Tier Traffic
✓ More than 300 Fresh Leads Added Daily
✓ Buyer leads included in every order.
✓ FREE funnel and landing page review
✓ Traffic works great with Bizop, Crypto, Make money online, Personal Development, Manifestation and Spiritual.
What kind of offers work well with your audience
My leads are interested in Biz-Opp, MMO, IM , Personal Development, Manifestation and Spiritual offers. Ask me to review your offer to check if it suits with my audience.
Can you send only desktop clicks?
Sorry, I cannot accept only desktop traffic Orders. While most of the traffic today on the web is mobile and so doing only desktop in my orders is not possible. However we can work something out for a lower mobile percentage.
When will my solo ad start?
Usually within 1-12 hours, unless you have scheduled a date.
What is the Tier 1 percentage your offer with your traffic?
My traffic is min 90% from Tier 1 countries. Do contact me if you need USA Only traffic.
Can you guarantee sales?
I would very muuch like to, but I simply can not. It is highly dependent on your offer and other variables in the sales funnel.
Top tier countries
United States
United Kingdom
New Zealand
all the rest
Testimonials from buyers of Katharine Koe
Tyrone Lee Bray
Good solo
Udimi stats: Delivered 109 out of 100 visitors (+9%)
17 May 2022
No sales
Jorge Vila
Not what I was expecting. :-(
Udimi stats: Delivered 131 out of 125 visitors (+5%)
11 May 2022
No sales
John Abato
Good traffic
Udimi stats: Delivered 173 out of 150 visitors (+15%)
10 May 2022
No sales
Good solo
Udimi stats: Delivered 109 out of 100 visitors (+9%)
3 May 2022
N/A sales
Bob Eldridge
Great seller, amazing communication and willing to help throughout the process. Thank you very much :)
Udimi stats: Delivered 251 out of 250 visitors
1 May 2022
Got sales
Great person very good quality
Udimi stats: Delivered 102 out of 100 visitors (+2%)
29 Apr 2022
N/A sales
Kelvin Yuan
Good run tq
Udimi stats: Delivered 207 out of 200 visitors (+4%)
29 Apr 2022
No sales
Bad leads - zero optins out of 400 clicks
Udimi stats: Delivered 402 out of 400 visitors (+1%)
25 Apr 2022
Sandra Baker
Katharine did a great job. Will use again.
Udimi stats: Delivered 158 out of 150 visitors (+5%)
24 Apr 2022
N/A sales
James Colin
17% optin rate, no sale.
Udimi stats: Delivered 202 out of 200 visitors (+1%)
22 Apr 2022
No sales