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Sarah Crunk
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Hey there! Looking to supercharge your lead generation and turbocharge those conversion rates? Ever feel like you're revving the engine but going nowhere in your online hustle? Buckle up, 'cause I'm about to drop some serious wisdom! I'm Sarah Crunk, your go-to expert for unlocking the hidden potential of lead gen and conversions. With almost a decade in the biz, I've cracked the code - especially in the Make Money Online and Work From Home arenas. When we team up for a solo ad campaign, you're not just getting my insider scoop, you're tapping into the power of my top-tier list. I've nurtured this bad boy for years, knowing my subscribers inside-out. They're primed, they're engaged, and they're ready to hit 'Buy.' Leverage my list, and you're tapping into a goldmine of eager buyers who lap up relevant offers like a cat with cream. My secret sauce? I get my audience. I feel their struggles, know their wants, and my solutions? Let's just say they click! Plus, I play the lead game differently. My sources are as rare as a unicorn, which means my list? One of a kind. Engaged? You bet! They're the VIPs of the buying game, and they've been singing my praises for years. For max results, your offers gotta have a squeeze page and an auto-responder series. I'll fine-tune your targeting and help you polish that landing page for killer conversions. Lightning-fast acceptance means results on turbo mode. Tired of average leads and meh conversions? Let's dive into a pool of eager buyers itching for your offers. Together, we'll rocket your business beyond the stars! Catch you on the fast lane, Sarah Crunk
Internet Marketing
click funnels
Biz Opp
make money
work from home
Double Opt In/Confirmed Opt In Funnel?
Sorry No, your funnel must be single opt in. Before doing a run with us, please confirm that your email auto-responder is set to single opt in. If you need help doing this please reach out to me and I'll help you set it.
Desktop Only Traffic?
Sorry we do not do desktop/no mobile orders.
How Can I Change My Link?
I cannot change your link for you, however you can do it and the process is really simple. You can view the full details here on how to change your link:
What is your niche?
I am in the Make Money Online, Work From Home, Biz Opp Niche. It is important to note that your funnel must be related to this niche or I cannot work with you.
Can you do all USA traffic?
Yes, I can provide quality USA traffic for you, just simply tick the tier 1 only at checkout. Advise me in the DM that you want only USA and I will take care of the rest.
Do You Guarantee Sales?
Sorry, No. I do not guarantee sales as there are too many factors that are involved which are outside of my control. Although I don't guarantee sales, I do my best on my end to make it happen. It is up to you to have a solid funnel in place, that includes opt in page and email auto responder follow up series as well as a solid offer.
Do You Accept Long Form or Forms That Have Phone Required?
No. Typically our readers will follow the path of least resistance, meaning that the more boxes you have for them to fill out, the lower your conversions will be. And it is because of this that I do not accept orders with long form registrations or phone number as a requirement.
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