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I'm looking for a Solo Ad Seller that can deliver the following:

* A Guarantee of at least a 30% opt-in rate *

- If this number is not reached then either:

1) Continue to deliver traffic until number is reached, free of charge


2) Refund payment

I have money to invest in a large list and I am willing to pay.

I am looking for quality traffic in the Health & Fitness, Weight Loss Niche.

I am not interested in dabbling with 100 clicks here and there to find someone that delivers and then when I go to scale I get a measly 10%.

If you can not or are not willing to guarantee results this just tells me you don't have any confidence in your list, so please do not waste our time and money if you cannot deliver.

I am able to purchase 500 clicks per week until I see a return, then I will be willing to invest more.

If you agree to these terms then please let's work together :)

Thanks for reading,


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There's nobody that can guarantee this.

Just to bring my personal experience here, I tend to promote the same offer several times. Sometimes I get a 15% optin rate, some other times I get a 30%, some other times a higher rate.

The percentage of Optins depends on too many factors that sellers can't control.

Sometimes a visitor will decide to optin because he's having a good day, or because your offer comes to his eyes at the right moment. If your offer comes just five minutes after he argued with his wife, you lose the lead because he's not in the right mood anymore.

If some seller tells you that your proposal make sense, he tries to scam you.

I know sometimes it sucks, but try to accept any outcome your solo ads campaign will give you, it will be beneficial for your wallet and your business in the long term.

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Udimi has bots?

I guess I am looking for an equally beneficial business partnership where:

As a seller you're willing to deliver 150 Opt-Ins from a 500 click purchase.

As a buyer I would then guarantee a weekly purchase of 500 clicks until it runs it's course.

Sounds like a good deal to me but guess my head's in the clouds :)

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Joshua on 29 Mar 2019 at 18:08

What's that mean? No one can deliver real people?

I just think he means no one will guarantee....if they do,it’s probably bots

Peoplehave great results with solo ads, but not every offer and every mailing will get in the same results


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Real people yes but such guranties and money back no

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What's that mean? No one can deliver real people?

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You will find none or bots.

Good luck