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Krzysztof Szymczyk
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Kelvin Chan
Krzysztof, tks for the business relationship that we have :) Highly appreciative.
Udimi stats: Received 202 out of 200 visitors (+1%)
31 Jul 2015
Kelvin Chan
Hey Krzysztof, I'm so thankful I have you as my precious client :) Appreciate that I can serve you. Let's keep growing!
Udimi stats: Received 221 out of 200 visitors (+11%)
27 Jul 2015
Kelvin Chan
Hey Krzysztof, appreciate your business & you being an awesome client :) Let's continue growing!
Udimi stats: Received 165 out of 150 visitors (+10%)
15 Jul 2015
M Octavius
Good solo
Udimi stats: Received 238 out of 175 visitors (+36%)
14 Jun 2015