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How to set delivery time "Start on" for an order ? I'm getting start date option but not able to set time for an order. Please help.

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William McRea on 28 Dec 2016 at 19:38

Have to admit...its is very frustrating when it automatically refunds someone money back when you are just a few clicks shy on a large order... Honestly give us some more time.


I agree, as long as my clicks are coming in steady, I'm willing to wait a little longer.

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I would like to be able to download filtered clicks in a .csv file so I can redirect those IP's in my own link system to my personal sales funnel instead of sending them HERE and then redirecting the traffic to my funnel. I make good money on these clicks and there is no sense eating up your bandwith if I can redirect them to my own sales funnel before they hit your site.

Just a quick download filtered clicks option would be amazing.


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Fully agree with Nicole. Delivering within the day is more than efficient enough. Timing confuses customers, is a huge hassle for sellers and loses money for everybody including Udimi because of rejected orders that sellers aren't confident enough to deliver on time because of extremely stringent timing. Also, accepted orders that are not sent within 5 hours automatically get refunded. This not only looks bad on sellers but also affects Udimi. Having been both a buyer and a seller myself, I can say quite confidently that it's not thrilling to receive a refund or rejection. You want the traffic, not a refund. That's why you paid for the traffic in the first place. And even though there may be a myriad of sellers, what if the buyer gets rejected or refunded multiple times, or doesn't want to buy from other sellers except the one they bought from? Give buyers the option to cancel after 24 hours of the solo date and get a full refund, but remove the auto-cancellation. I'm sure buyers appreciate the fund withholding protection, but they also want the ability to make their own decisions. Some buyers may be willing to wait a little longer. Others may be regular buyers of that particular seller and are perfectly willing to wait because of a longstanding relationship. Just give the option to cancel after 24 hours and a reminder to contact the seller if he is late. Automation is good but overautomation, not so much.

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i just rejected 3 orders in a row because of time and all 3 don't know how to set up time and they don't know that time matters. I even uploaded an image with instructions and people still unable to follow. UDIMI get rid of this scheduling time ASAP!

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My suggestion is: just like a buyer can change out there link once an order has been placed, they should be able to change the start time as well after the order has been placed. Every-time I reject an order due to time, the buyer will re-order with a time more suitable. In my experience, my buyers are always happy to change the start time to when it's best for me, and thereby best for them to get awesome traffic. That's my 2 cents. lol

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here is why you really need to restore the scheduling system back to the way it was and let sellers start solo within 24 hours of purchase so it's flexible and sellers can send the solos immediately or at specific time within those 24 hours. Why complicate everything? It worked fine before.

I shouldn't be getting questions like this if scheduling system was easy for buyers:

"How do I set the time for 17.00 UTC ? I did not see where to set this"

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Add bitcoin as a payment option would be nice.

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Yes I agree on what William says, some more time on orders, on larger or all sizes. Better yet remove this and let customer decide for them self if they want to cancel and get a refund. My guess is that most clients don't care if it's takes some longer time to start up delivery... just my opinion.

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Have to admit...its is very frustrating when it automatically refunds someone money back when you are just a few clicks shy on a large order... Honestly give us some more time.

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So is this scheduling system going to restore back to the old ways or it's gonna stay this way? Because it's pretty bad and not flexible and I'm sure other sellers agree.

1) Even if seller set up the times we want to send the solo out the buyers still ordering solos at weird times and they don't even understand the hours. Some just buy solo and don't even realize that the time option is important.
2) Some buyers want to purchase and send their solo immediately. This is impossible to do now because of the scheduling system.
This scheduling system is pain for all and it needs to go! It's not flexible. It's confusing and it's not well set up to benefit all.
Solos should be delivered within 100 hours and should start within 24 hours time. It should be about delivering quality clicks.

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Hey Nicole,

Problem is its all good traffic I believe, just does it every now and again on certain orders with no real reason very wierd.

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80% filtered? Very responsive list...find out who those subscribers are and send them directly to a buy offer page. You got some buyers there! I did it with my list.

Dear Udimi, please use previous restore Checkpoint and restore Udimi to previous version because these new updates are just terrible!

First, the scheduling time needs to go..for real...real!
There's not much flexibility here. If people want to send solo right away it's impossible. some buyers don't even know what they are scheduling. It needs to go back to 00:00 and seller must send solo within 24 hours.
If buyer wants their solo to go out this minute they should be able to do that instead of limited by the 5 hour rule or whatever it is.
If you won't restore schedule to previous version then sellers should have the option on their end to set up exact hours they will send solos. Buyers can then pick one of the selected times to send their solo. Still, best is to restore to previous version when sellers had 24 hours to send solo at anytime.
Second, the affiliate customized landing page looks like a very cheap website. It's just too plain looking...just look at it
Affiliate link should go to original udimi page as before.
If you gonna make a customized affiliate landing page then at least it should be redirecting to a seller's page.
For example, if I promote my affiliate link it should redirect to my profile. That's much better than redirecting to a plain page. I just don't see this converting well.

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Nice I dea will.

The biggest thing I have a problem with is....


I have an order that is 80% filtered! (yes!)

The back up link to this goes to another udimi order and this got a 30% filter (most of the filtered ones got through).

Also I same from the same link all the time. One order will get loads of"clcis inside frame" and then I dont get one that does it for 10 orders, then i get it for the whole of an order and it goes again.

I just dont get it, I know udimis filter is good but would also be good to try and under stand it.

Also, lets say an email I send can do 1k clicks nd I have 20 x 50 clicks order.

Whats the best way to deal with this? Put the direct udimi link in for the first order and then put the back up for each as the next order? and will this cause extra redirects each time it goes from order to order to order or does the page that loads deal with all these redirect in 1 hit?

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This new time scheduling issue is quit a fuss, but I have a constructive recommendation..1. Give us 8 hours instead of 5 to accept orders and start them2. On the purchase screen add instructions above the field... Select Qty.. Select Date... Select Time.... There is nothing to explain to people how to buy and MOST don't go through the tutorials...Therefore the select Sunday night a 10pm for deliver which is just silly.Thanks for everything.

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