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95+% Tier 1 Traffic + some over delivery. ALL orders will start on the requested date unless we are permitted to start early. My list consist of 95% T1 Countries. We deliver your order on TIME and with great results. I offer a list building service and only promote landing pages with single opt-in forms. I will reject orders that go direct sales letters.. I was the number 1 producer of sales and total traffic delivered in November 2017, January 2018 and February 2018..


All leads are tracked in our proprietor linking system so your offers are never seen by the same list member more then once. So you can expect consistent optin rates on repeat business even if you are promoting the same offer repeatedly. We appreciate and thank our many repeat customers :)

We add over 50,000 leads per month to our platform and flush old leads each week. Our commitment is to manage our list so that it is always fresh a responsive to your offers

26 May 2018
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