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Premium top tier traffic, List is great for BizOp, MMO, IM & CPA offers

100% T1 and 100% email traffic, fast delivery buyers list included. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
From Jordan.
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What tier is your traffic ?
I deliver a minimum of 90% t1 traffic with all my orders.
Do you over deliver on clicks ?
Yes, I over-deliver up to 10% of clicks on all orders.
How long does it take for my order to be filled ?
Usually I will accept your order within 12 hours.  I will need 72 hours to complete your traffic.  This time period is an estimate it could be much faster, all depends on how much orders are in the pipeline.
What optin rate can I expect ?
Usually I see my clients getting 30 - 60% optin rate, depending on the land page.
What kind of offers work well with your audience ?
Offers in the following niches work well with my traffic:

1-Make money online
3-Multi-level marketing (MLM)
Average traffic geography
Top tier countries
90% United States
5% United Kingdom
3% Canada
2% all the rest
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