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Demian Voorhagen
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On a mission to give solo ads a good name!

✓ 90% T1 (95%+ Average) (Only 0.05$ CPC extra for 100% T1 or Mobile Only)
✓ Over-delivery on EVERY order
✓ Leads Added Daily
✓ Continuous improvement of list quality
✓ FREE funnel and landing page review
✓ Traffic suitable for any money-related niche

- No scams allowed, I will refuse your order (example: click here to
claim free money, etc)
- I will check your landing page and thank you page before accepting
- I do my best for the highest list quality, but I can never guarantee any
kind of results
- I typically do not have the highest opt-in rate, because a buyers list usually has fewer opt-in junkies
- You get what you pay for, I am not the cheapest because I need to
maintain quality
- Feedback is always welcome, I see any customer as a partner I work
- Contact me upfront for Mobile only or Desktop only orders

My list is suited for: Make Money Online (MMO), Biz op, MLM, Affiliate
Offers, CPA, Crypto (Cryptocurrencies), Bitcoin, Forex, Finance,
Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing, Business Opportunity / Opportunities, Network
Marketing, Work From Home, Make Money From Home, Personal Development
(if business/money related), Clickbank, eCommerce, Clickfunnels, Email
Marketing, Earn Money, Dropshipping, Stocks, Entrepreneurs, Start Your
Own Business, Entrepreneurship, US only, Top Tier Only, Clickfunnels,
Leadpages, Mobile, Kartra, Builderall, Nexus, Warrior Plus, Clickbank
offers, Legendary Marketer, CBD oil, Health, and Travel.
Can I get a refund if I do not get a sale?
Please know that Solo ads have no guarantees of sales and it's impossible to know what a subscriber will do. There are a lot of variables that come to play in getting sales results. (e.g. how the page is designed, buying capacity during traffic delivery and etc.) Refunds are made in certain circumstances but should not be counted on. While many think that it's free for sellers to run our traffic but contrary to that belief it is not and costs us money so please use an opt-in page and an offer that best describes the target of traffic which I offer which is MMO or make money opportunities, Health and fitness ( weight loss) and personal development (law of attraction & manifestation).
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Testimonials from buyers of solo deal
Justin Chase
Good solo, thanks.
Udimi stats: Delivered 407 out of 400 visitors (+2%)
24 Aug 2022
No sales
Great solo. Great communication. Fast delivery of quality traffic with a good optin Highly recommend
Udimi stats: Delivered 105 out of 100 visitors (+5%)
23 Jul 2022
Got sales
Bill Davis
Good solo, quick delivery, 22% Optin
Udimi stats: Delivered 106 out of 100 visitors (+6%)
22 Jul 2022
No sales
Mustafa Salih Sanal
Great, ty
Udimi stats: Delivered 429 out of 400 visitors (+7%)
20 Jun 2022
Got sales
Shafi Kasmani
Great optins and fast delivery!
Udimi stats: Delivered 104 out of 100 visitors (+4%)
18 Jun 2022
N/A sales
Mustafa Salih Sanal
Good solo, ty
Udimi stats: Delivered 433 out of 400 visitors (+8%)
20 Jun 2022
Got sales
Shafi Kasmani
Great optins and hope sale will come soon
Udimi stats: Delivered 104 out of 100 visitors (+4%)
18 Jun 2022
N/A sales
Patricia Ann Walker
This solo ad run was great. I have not received any sales as of yet, but I did receive a 52% opt in rate, and I will be following up with them.
Udimi stats: Delivered 190 out of 175 visitors (+9%)
25 May 2022
N/A sales
Kerry Craig
Very fast delivery, got plenty of opt-in, no sales.
Udimi stats: Delivered 110 out of 100 visitors (+10%)
19 May 2022
No sales
Nice optin
Udimi stats: Delivered 426 out of 400 visitors (+7%)
7 May 2022
Got sales