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I`M BACK !!! NEW NEW IMPROVED Top hungry buyers on my lists. ** 15% Over Delivery LEADS & SALES!!. Endorsed by 6 to 7 figure Marketers 100%T1
Coach Leonardo Ramirez
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8 hours
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User was online 1 day ago
Solo deal price $0.50 per click
23% off
Minimum order 1000 clicks
About me
I am here to provide ONLY HIGH Quality Traffic That Converts to Sales
Endorsed by 6 to 7 Figures Marketers. Solos are my passion!!
I pre-qualify my subscribers to your offer, you never have to worry about saturation
With more than 32 years of experience as a senior digital consultant with more tha 3200 conferences as a worldwide keynote speaker i know the secrets to generate sustainable leads every single day.
Buyer List Included.
​100% Tier 1 Traffic Only
100 to 1000 clicks available
500 to 2000 New Leads
Imagine if you get an email from someone you trust recommends a service. You would most likely check it out. That´s the power of my service.
Do you guarantee sales?
I cannot guarantee sales. There are too many variables including funnel setup, follow up, and general human behavior. However, I do guarantee a highly responsive list and great customer service!
Why are you diferent from other solo ads sellers?
My Leads are coming to my community every day looking for innovative solutions in the digital market in different niches. They are not the typical leads that are spammed every single day.
What countries are your traffic coming from?
My traffic is coming from 100% Tier 1 Countries which basically are USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand and Australia.
How many subscribers do you add a day?
I add about 500 to 1000 subscribers a day and i remove all unresponsive leads to make sure i have a responsive list
How fast can you start after i place an order?
As my schedule is tight now I can start with 24 to 36 hours
What types of offers convert well with your traffic?
My list loves to invest their money in Make Money Online Products, Biz Opp Offers, Affiliate Offers in the Make Money Online Niche.MMO, MLM,Crypto-Friendly. As a coach, my list is responsive to personal development niches and health offers.
Top tier countries
United States
Testimonials from buyers of solo deal
Istvan Bujdoso
Good solo
Udimi stats: Delivered 174 out of 150 visitors (+16%)
8 Apr 2022
N/A sales
Istvan Bujdoso
Good solo
Udimi stats: Delivered 173 out of 150 visitors (+15%)
8 Apr 2022
N/A sales
Curtis Anderson
Timely delivery, very good respectable sign-up conversion rates, unforturnately no initial sales, but that can change. Thanks
Udimi stats: Delivered 345 out of 300 visitors (+15%)
5 Apr 2022
No sales
Istvan Bujdoso
Good solo
Udimi stats: Delivered 115 out of 100 visitors (+15%)
18 Mar 2022
N/A sales
Michael Garza
Good solo
Udimi stats: Delivered 529 out of 500 visitors (+6%)
19 Feb 2022
Got sales
Linda Paulk
Great seller with prompt delivery and over 70% optins! Thank you
Udimi stats: Delivered 115 out of 100 visitors (+15%)
17 Feb 2022
N/A sales
Michael Garza
Coach is the man! Will definitely use again!
Udimi stats: Delivered 335 out of 300 visitors (+12%)
16 Feb 2022
Got sales
Barry Rodgers
Fast Delivery, 27% Opt-in, 15% OD, 100% USA, subscribers not especially responsive so far (we'll see in time).
Udimi stats: Delivered 230 out of 200 visitors (+15%)
16 Feb 2022
No sales
Dee Spraker
My phone texting was blowing up today!!! I was not expecting this but it was sure exciting!!! Awesome work Coach all in one day at that!!! I had 87 to join my team - now my follow will determine if they are serious about home business or not.
Udimi stats: Delivered 403 out of 350 visitors (+15%)
2 Feb 2022
Got sales
Irene Rutten
Awesome results! Thanks so much.
Udimi stats: Delivered 116 out of 100 visitors (+16%)
29 Jan 2022
N/A sales