Before You BUY Read This...
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Hey everyone. I get asked the same questions a I wanted to address a few issues at the forum so they can been seen by anyone that cares... First you are BUYing clicks from people... NOT leads. Those clicks or traffic are real people that click on a link in an email and land on your landing page. If and when that unit of traffic or click takes action they become YOUR lead. SO when you buy 100 clicks from someone ...You are not buying 100 leads you are buying 100 human eyeballs looking at your offer. Next question I get it....How do place an order? Udimi has a great guide on how to make your purchase. The conversions you get are going to vary from vendor to vendor and email to email. Keep in mind. Many people promote the exact same landing pages you are using... These forms really have nothing on them about WHO you are. People buy from who they know, like and trust...unless your offer is extremely HYPE driven most conversions will come from your email follow ups. If you don't have a quality follow up sequence you will probably have a hard time making any sales. What is your price.... Please this is controlled by the parameters we set up on our account at Udimi. Please consult with the Find Sellers or Solo Deal links at the top of this page. Why Buy from Udimi.... Simple they protect YOU the customer from fraudulent clicks and other BS that happens if you purchase at other sources. Second, the prices are fair as well, and there is a feedback system and information about your supplier. Please keep in Mind you are BUYING from UDIMI and we are supplying the traffic. We cannot do anything outside of Udimi's terms of service. For example if your order is scheduled to be delivered at 3:30 am on a Sunday morning... we really cannot make a lot of changes for you. Basically we have to cancel your order and allow you to place it at a better time. PLEASE note the schedule of you order request. AM delivery east coast US time will result in the best QUALITY if traffic. I know this post does not answer all of the questions buyers have, and I am happy to help anyone. But honestly....starting a chat with "How do I do this, and when will I get paid for what I promote?" Well...please do a little homework and be comforted in the fact that you are at least in the safest place to purchase Traffic. I hope this of luck! Bill
Before You BUY Read This...
William McRea on 14 Dec 2016
Last reply: Rise Plimley 22 Dec at 18:22
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