Seller's should be more clear about their clicks
If certain filters aren't checked, please can sellers display on their profiles the type of ballpark clicks we can still expect. I've been testing sellers and so far the non-checked filters have resulted in a bit of mickey taking... Left the mobile filter unchecked - got 80% mobile clicks - absurd. Left the Tier 1 box unchecked with another seller - got 55% Tier 1 - very poor. It goes on. I came to Udimi thinking it would be an improvement on the Facebook groups. So far in my tests (I do use tracking links, you know, I can see whats going on), the quality of sellers has been poor. My trackers show me sellers I found on FB provided better, more professional clicks and less junk. I'm talking only 25% mobile clicks, 0 web clicks (all email), over 80% T1, etc, and the prices really were only ~$2-ish higher than I paid here. I'm open to being proven wrong and putting this to bad luck, I had high hopes for this community and still want to enjoy success on here. It can start by being more transparent about expected clicks on sellers profiles. Then the power is with the buyer. I know there is a graph on the profile but my tracking stats are showing different, and a seller has told me that those graphs aren't accurate anyway. Also, another thread mentioned mandatory feedback from buyers, I suggest that the feedback be implemented in the following format: Clicks ordered/received: 100/121 Optin rate: 36% T1 (if not filtered): 87% Mobile (if not filtered): 38% Web (if not filtered): 5% Sales: 2 - And at what price, frontend or in follow up sequence? Please can we get that implemented this way Dimitri? That'll sort the legits from the nots.
Seller's should be more clear about their clicks
Sam Farnham on 22 Jun 2015
Last reply: Heather Alessandra 23 Jun at 18:55
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