Never Underestimate The POWER Of A Simple Optin Page
Howdy Everyone! I felt inspired to write a quick post in the forum that I hope will help people who need this information. When you want to build a large and engaged list quickly, it's best to make it EASY for people to get on your list. 1. Keep it simple, the more basic optin/squeeze,landing pages are the highest converting. The more distractions you have on your page the more confusing and the lower your optin rates. The ugliest squeeze pages convert the best. 2. Have your optin form aka: email and name fields above the fold; if new prospects have to hunt or scroll down the page they'll just bounce. 3. Have a CLEAR message for people to take a FAST action. Most people ask themselves 2 questions when they look at any offer: 1."Is this a scam?" and 2. "What's in it for me?" The better you can answer both of these questions, the better your conversion rates will be. Hint: having both of these questions answered in your headlines will make opting in a no-brainer. 4. The less information you ask for, the more takers you'll get. Asking for an email only will give you the highest optin rates. Asking for a first name and email will give you the second highest optin rate. The choice is yours. 5. Be clear on what you are offering and what it will do for them. People make decisions based on emotion and then justify their action with logic. Remember that traffic is "People" and people will respond to things based on how it makes them feel. People need to be able to visualize a new or different life situation based on what your product or service can do for them. Thanks for reading and I wish Y'all the very best in your business. Jen
Never Underestimate The POWER Of A Simple Optin Page
Jen Johnston on 5 Apr 2019
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