Sellers - Please send on the day the solo is booked!
I have recently started to buy some solos again and I am noticing a disturbing trend. I have had several sellers not sending my solo out on the day it was booked. I guess a lot of sellers think that because they have 100 hours to deliver all of the clicks that they can send the solo the next day. This is not a good practice at all. First of all, when a buyer pays good money for a solo, they expect it to start on the day they have booked. Furthermore, a lot of buyers may be buying a solo to get traffic for a launch, giveaway, or other promotional contest. This means that their solo may be TIME SENSITIVE. That means when a buyer books a solo for a certain day, they are expecting it to go out before midnight ON THAT DAY! As a seller, I certainly understand that issues can arise that are beyond our control. In that case, it only takes a minute to shoot your buyer a message and let them know that you will have to send late, and offer them a refund if they so choose. Most of the time the buyer will not mind, but in some instances they might. The point is, the seller should be giving the buyer the opportunity to make that choice and not just making that choice for them assuming they won't mind. I think that Uncle Dimitry should work something in so that if the seller does not start delivering clicks before midnight on the day of the booking, they should be penalized or even have to give a partial refund to the buyer. I'm mostly a seller, but I think it's very unfair to the buyer to schedule a solo for a certain day and then make them wait one or even two days before you start to deliver their clicks. If you are busy or booked up and you don't think you will be able to deliver the solo properly, then DON'T accept it in the first place!
Sellers - Please send on the day the solo is booked!
Christopher Mollo on 11 Aug 2015
Last reply: Clarence Chase 29 Mar at 22:50
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