Is it normal to get non solo ad traffic from 'solo ad' purchases?
hey team, I'm new here, and wanted to know if these practices are acceptable and normal for 'solo ad' purchases? #1 - I buy a 100 click solo from a reputable seller with hundreds of sales transactions...only to have him tell me the traffic was crap because he actually bought my clicks from another seller. HUH? You're a top rated seller here, but are unable to send 100 click on your own? Is this normal? #2 - I buy a 100 click solo from a reputable seller - I include a swipe email. I then get a click every 20-30 minutes for 3 days to complete my 100+ clicks. In my experience, if a guy actually sends an email broadcast to a list, 80% of traffic comes in the first couple of hours, the rest trickle in later. But this is a click every 20-30 minutes - again, obviously NOT a solo ad. Is this normal? #3 - sellers say 'buyer traffic' in their ads....but when you ask what products they sell, all they sell is solo ads, or they 'prefer not to say' what their website is where they sell actual products other than solos. To me, buyer traffic means you sell products, and you advertise to that list when someone buys a solo ad from you. What does it actually mean here? SELLER: "500 buyer leads added daily!" BUYER: "What are you selling 500 copies of per day to generate your buyers list?" SELLER: <Crickets> Is this normal, for people to claim they have 'buyers lists' - but wont tell you what they sell? lol ------------ Does ANYONE here actually take my swipe email, mail it to your own email list, where readers read it, know what they're about to click on, are already pre-sold on my free gift, and then visit my page and download it?
Is it normal to get non solo ad traffic from &#039;solo ad&#039; purchases?
Kenneth Reno on 26 Jan 2018
Last reply: Steve Donohoe 11 Feb at 04:59
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