Ten tips for your success

Get visibility

1. Chat on our forum to get more visibility for your Solo Deal. A link to your deal will automatically be added at the bottom of every post.

2. Take a screenshot of your ratings and post them on your social networks. People trust Udimi ratings and you will gain more credibility, social proof, and orders.

Communicate a lot

3. ALWAYS send your customers a “thank you for your order” message.
Tip! Set up an automatic personal account for buyers on the Seller setup page.

4. If there is something wrong, please send an apology to the buyer with clarification and an update. Describe the problem and provide a new and precise deadline.

5. Say "thank you" to buyers after completing an order. Do not be afraid of your buyers, speak up!

6. Contact past buyers and send them special offers. Udimi automatically shows you a link where you can contact your former clients.

7. Be smart - talk to your client. Even the worst order can become a positive experience with the right approach to the client.

Respect your own list

8. Always check the text of the ad and the site of the buyer before accepting a solo. Your subscribers will not be happy if you send them a broken link or a junk site.

9. Do not overload your list with too many broadcasts. A couple of broadcasts per week is enough.

10. Send only quality content to your subscribers and do not use spam texts.