Accept orders

Accept new order

When you receive a new order, it will appear in the Orders section.

You have up to 24 hours to accept/reject a new order, no matter how far in the future the actual mailing occurs.

If your order's urgency is set to Same Day, you will only have 5 hours to make a decision. If 5 hours is too fast, set 2-3 days for order urgency on the Seller Setup screen. If you do not accept an order, the system will remember this, and when there are too many orders that you could not accept, the system will automatically block you.

On the order screen, you will see all the details of your order: number of visitors, filters, start date, buyer's site, and ad text. Please check everything carefully before placing an order. It is your responsibility to ensure that the buyer's site works and matches your listing.

If everything is in order, just click the Accept button and the solo will move to the Orders section. If you can not accept the order, click Reject and tell your buyer why.

If you have achieved Promoted status,  be prepared to act quickly because the number of orders can be overwhelming.

If you receive spam from a suspicious order, please let us know about the buyer using the Help button.

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