Affiliate stats screen

Automatic welcome message

It is a good idea to send a welcome message to all your referrals, such as instructions on what you want them to do, or just a personal greeting.

To make this task easier, we have created an automatic messenger that sends messages from you to all your referrals. Add a message on the Automation tab.

Automatic welcome message

My link and stats

At the top of the Affiliates section, you can find your affiliate link.

Click the Stats tab to see a summary of your all-time earnings. Udimi automatically collects all the statistics for your link.


Under the summary, you will see a detailed graph. Click on the date in the top right corner to change the period.

If you are paying for affiliate traffic, just click on the $0.00 link and add the amount you paid for the ad. The system will automatically calculate ROI (return on investment) for you.

Traffic statistics

Your referrals

To see your referrals of each type, click the corresponding links in the summary box.

Total earned

Hard-coded referrals are referrals that earn you money forever and on every solo ad order. Their account is linked to yours, so you will earn commissions even if that person clears their cookies, changes computers, and moves to another country or planet.

Cookied referrals are referrals who came to Udimi through your link but have not yet bought. Be sure to convince them to complete the purchase as quickly as possible because Cookied referrals will become Hard-coded after they place their first order on Udimi.

Gone ā€“ These members were on your cookie referral list, but purchased their first solo through a different partner's link and were hardcoded into a different account as a result. That is why it is very important to convince your referrals to buy a solo.

How hardcoding works

Cookies are not reliable. If your referral has strict privacy settings or just clears cookies, you will not get anything. This is how it works everywhere, but we decided to go even further to secure your commissions.

Right after your referral buys solo, your affiliate information is hardcoded into the buyer's account. From now on, it does not matter if your buyer has cookies enabled or not. You will receive 15% of the order amount even if your referral buys a solo after 10 years and from another computer.

IMPORTANT: If your referral does not buy and later another Udimi affiliate convinces that referral to buy via their own affiliate link, you will lose this referral. Why is that? Because whoever sells gets the money. Udimi is in the business of selling solo ads, not just recommending people, so be sure to convince your referrals to buy a solo. This way, your referrals will be hardcoded into your account and earn you commissions for life, even if they clear cookies and change computers.

Example: Mike signed up using John's affiliate link but did not buy. Mike later followed Bill's link and bought a solo. After that, Mike followed John's affiliate link again and bought a second solo.

Result: John will lose the referral. Bill will receive all commissions on both orders and will continue to receive new commissions on all of Mike's future orders. All other affiliate links will not affect Bill because his affiliate information has now been hardcoded into Mike's account.

Banners and logos

To get ready-made Udimi banners or logos, use the menu links above. The logo generator is located on the Banners tab. All banners are already HTML-coded with your affiliate ID, so you can simply copy/paste them into your website or blog.

Banners and logos

If you are using an ad blocker, be sure to disable it when visiting the Banners page because it can block content and you will not see anything.

The line "Special thanks to..."

If your referral clicks on your affiliate link and scrolls to the bottom of the Udimi page, they will see your small photo and the line "Special thanks to YourName" at the very bottom, for example:

Special thanks

This means that the system will recognize your affiliate link and referral commissions will be credited to your account.

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