What is hardcoding and how it works

In short hardcoding ties account of your referral to you. This way you'll make 15% from everything your referral buys on Udimi.

Like any other website, we use cookies to identify your referrals and then credit your account. 

The problem is that cookies are not very reliable, because they do expire, they can be cleared by user, browser's setting may block them or your referral can just use another computer to buy.

Most sites do not bother about that because in such case they just don't pay affiliates their commissions.

Unlike them, we really care about our affiliates. For that reason we have improved our affiliate program with additional hardcoding.

Once your referral makes an order on Udimi, their account gets hardcoded to yours. This way they will bring you commissions for their membership lifetime, no matter if they clear cookies, change computers or mobile devices. You will still get commissions.

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