Order delivered

After traffic has been delivered

After you have delivered all the traffic to your buyer, the system will automatically credit the money to your Udimi account. You can see all your payments in the Money section.

We highly recommend that you write a thank you message to your buyer as it is a good form and will surely increase your buyers' loyalty. To make this process easier, on the Seller Setup page, you can define an automatic message that will be sent to the buyer after a solo delivery is completed.

Rate your buyer

Open your solo, scroll down to the ‘Rating’ section and write a comment, press the thumb button and post the rating.

Both ratings appear together. The buyer will not see your rating until they post their own. It is also not possible to change the rating after it has been published. This means you do not have to worry about retaliatory ratings from your buyer.

If the rating you received from your buyer is high, we can even publish it on our dedicated customer testimonials page along with your name and a link to the seller profile.

Get a rating

Sometimes buyers are lazy and you have to send them a message and give them a little push. At Udimi, we go the extra mile to make sure your buyers will rate you. Your reputation helps you make more sales.

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