Earn money by sharing your favorite sellers on Udimi! 

Simply compile a list of sellers you've had fantastic experiences with and share it with your friends or subscribers.

How to add to favorites

To favorite a seller, click heart button on search results page or on seller's profile.

To obtain a link to your favorite sellers that includes your unique affiliate code, visit the Affiliates screen and copy your link.

Then share this link to your friends and subscribers. It will show a page with sellers you’ve added to your favorites.

How to see my favorites list?

To see your favorites, go to Buy Solos screen and click My favorites at the top.

How much can I earn?

Anyone who signs up for Udimi through your shared link will become your referral. You'll earn 15% of the total value of any purchases they make from any seller on the platform — not just those on your list. This earning applies to all orders and lasts for the lifetime of your referrals' membership.

Example: 10 referrals who spend $1000 per month on solo ads will bring you $1500 per month on autopilot.