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Solo Deals

Solo Deal is a great way to get instant sales, even if you are a new seller because the Solo Deals section is next to the Find Sellers menu and there are no sorting options: sellers with the most recent solo deals will always be at the top.

This means you will be at the top of the Solo Deals section as soon as you create your solo deal.

Promoted Status

When you have a solo deal, you can get Promoted status to get even more exposure:

1. You will get the top position on the Find Sellers screen. 
2. Your solo deal will be listed on the Udimi Home page and on the home screen of the Udimi app.
3. You will be included in the weekly Udimi Digest, which is sent out to 925k+ subscribers every Wednesday.
4. If you are a new seller, we will also include you in our weekly email broadcast to users who have searched for your price.
5. An ad for your solo deal will be displayed in each forum thread under the first post.
6. All your forum posts will receive an automatic signature with a link to your solo deal.
7. You will receive a ‘Promoted’ mark on your avatar.
8. If the price of your solo deal is lower than your regular click price in Seller Settings, the system will display an xx% off mark, which will attract more attention.

Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that your position will stay in the first place forever. New solo deals from other sellers are crowding out the old ones. On the other hand, the Promoted status is guaranteed for a week, but it is not linked to the current position of your solo deal. One week listing guarantees you all the benefits listed above and one mailing. If you buy 2 weeks, you will receive two mailings and so on.

Bump Feature

If you want to get back to the top after your solo deal has lost the first position, you can easily bump it back to the top. Simply open your solo deal and click on the Bump link. Bump is cheaper than creating a new solo deal and also saves all your orders.

AutoBump Feature

You can have your solo deal automatically bumped after a certain period of time or after it falls below a given position. To do this, open your solo deal and click on the Bump link.

To avoid autobump abuse, only one active autobump is allowed per solo deal.