How to get refund

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Refund to Udimi balance

If your order was rejected or canceled, funds is instantly credited to your Udimi balance and can be used for your next order.

You don't need to request this refund as it is done automatically when the order is cancelled by you or your seller.

Refund to Card / PayPal

If you want to return your funds back to your Card or PayPal, go to the Money section. 

There go to Transactions tab.


Select Topups


You will see only payments from your Card and PayPal. 

Click any row to see payment details screen.

Click Get a refund

After you click the button, the Udimi system will instantly process your refund. 

Refunds appear immediately on PayPal, but it may take up to 14 days for them to show on your bank statement. This timing depends solely on your bank, and Udimi cannot influence this process.