How Udimi filter works

How the Udimi filter works

We want Udimi customers to get the best possible return on their investment without wasting the time or money. 

That is why we filter all the traffic you get with our custom designed in-house click filter. Let's see how our unique click filter works in the background to automatically control your spending and improve the quality of your incoming traffic!

First of all, you need to know a few facts:

Fact: Click сounters are not filters

You have most likely come across some of them in your time. Click counters, whether free or paid versions are essentially exactly what they sound like - they just count clicks.

Sometimes a fairly simple filter is applied to them, but it does not do a very good job of identifying malicious traffic.

Also, they are not very specialized - just set up to count clicks on any website in any industry. So the same counter that tracks porn sites would not be able to filter out useless traffic on a bakery site, right? Right.

These are just bots that do a simple job - they count. They do not look at visitor types, they are not adapted to the niche industry in which they are used, and they just provide top-level totals that are not very helpful to the recipient.

Our tracker was created specifically and is used only for solo ads - and we do not offer it to anyone, this is an Udimi exclusive!

Udimi has its own internal tracker that is only used for single ads and only on Udimi.

Fact: It takes a minimum of 1,000 clicks to determine traffic quality

That is a lot of clicks. No one in their right mind wants to shell out hundreds of dollars for clicks only to find out that the traffic was no good after all. But how can you tell without testing a large sample yourself?

As usual, Udimi will have your back. Huge volumes of traffic pass through our system every hour, and we measure and analyze it on behalf of our buyers. This means that we know the quality of the traffic each seller provides and can filter out low-quality traffic before it reaches the buyer.

Fact: We are 100% interested in traffic quality

Some solo ad vendors just want to make a quick buck by selling a few low-quality or spam clicks and quickly moving on to the next victim—and they do not care about quality at all.

At Udimi, our business is based on relationships with both our sellers and buyers, and we want both to come back again and again.

We do this with a focus on quality. That is why we have multi-stage identity verification, traffic analysis, and click monitoring. We do our best to ensure that you get real visitors and not bots clicking on your ads.

Fact: We buy low-quality traffic and blacklist it

Yes, you read it right. We do not just wait for fake traffic to be detected when it hits our servers, we track it down on the internet and buy it. Every month we (apparently incognito!) buy thousands of clicks from the most notorious offenders on the internet and send them to our own servers.

This allows us to blacklist these traffic sources, which protects our buyers from them in the future and saves them thousands of dollars in addition.

As soon as we find out about this, any seller sending this traffic to our buyers will receive an instant ban. We do this daily and we have the best click fraud database on the web!

What makes our filter so special?

Udimi came up with several revolutionary ideas that soon became the industry standard for solo mailing lists. One of these changes concerns how we count traffic.

Udimi is the only traffic counter that filters real but useless traffic. No click tracker will give you this opportunity. The most you will get is ignored bot traffic - if you are lucky.

There are three types of traffic - and our buyers are only interested in one of them:

1. Non-human (bot) traffic
2. Human traffic
3. Human but useless traffic

Okay, the bots are obviously bad, but what about number 3?

Not all human traffic is desirable - there are several reasons why you might want to filter out certain types of traffic.

1. Click Rings

Sometimes people team up to make money by clicking on each other's links. Conventional click trackers will consider this traffic to be legitimate because it is real human traffic. But these people will never do anything useful on your site.

2. Traffic Exchange

Some website owners visit other websites in exchange for visitors returning from those sites. This traffic is useless. Scammers add paid links to traffic exchange sites and use them in the same way as click rings, but traffic exchange users are unaware that they are helping scammers steal money.

3. "3-second" visitors

Sometimes people click on your link by mistake or close their browser before the site even loads. You do not want to pay for these visits - they are not going anywhere.

4. Outdated technologies

Your site will not work in a 1995 browser. It is a fact. We do not know why some people use such ancient browsers, but our statistics show that they never buy anything, so we filter them out.

5. High-risk countries

We do not name names, but in our experience, visitors from certain countries never buy anything but are willing to participate in click fraud, hacking, and DDoS attacks. You do not want these people on your site.

For these reasons and many more, Udimi is the only click-tracking solution you can trust when buying solo emails. There is no other traffic counter on the internet that even comes close to Udimi because they do not ignore these types of useless and potentially harmful traffic.

Others try to maximize clicks, we raise the quality

Traffic counters try to count everything they can. Their only motivation is to catch as many as they can and then pass it on to you along with the bill. It is impossible to weed out fake traffic from hundreds or even thousands of clicks.

For example, Google has an Analytics counter, but it does not filter out useless traffic. And they also have a click filter in the Adwords system to automatically filter out fraudulent traffic, but they do not let you access it.

So let us compare:

Filters available on other trackers:

1. Visits by bots (search engines, ping / uptime / archiving / etc)
2. Duplicate clicks from the same person

Filters available only on Udimi:

1. Visits by bots (search engines, ping / uptime / archiving / etc)
2. Duplicate clicks from the same person
3. Click ring visitors
4. Fake optins
5. Fraudulent sales
6. Fake reviews
7. Multiple names
8. High speed of return of funds by the buyer/seller.

It is easy to see why Udimi is the only reasonable choice.

How does the Udimi filtering engine work?

Here is how the Udimi system filters traffic:

  • Detection of black hat technologies (frames, 1px images, etc)
  • Detection of users without Javascript
  • Anonymous proxy database check
  • Open Proxy Detection and Real IP Detection
  • The system collects information about the PC: screen size, browser, operating system version, etc.
  • The system creates the user's fingerprint and removes duplicates
  • Detection of bots, worms, and other non-human devices
  • Blacklist Checker: SpamHaus, SORBS, SpamCop
  • Geolocation
  • Checking the connection type to delete visits from the hosting
  • Checking the ISP and determining the name of the organization
  • Checking and removing VPN
  • Anonymous check and removal

Only after passing all these filters, traffic is counted in your statistics.

Why not see for yourself?

To see all filtered clicks, open your solo Detailed Stats screen and select Filtered or Useless traffic section stats and you will see all filtered traffic with a filtering reason for each click.

Filtered traffic