Where to get my affiliate id

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Udimi Affiliate Link

Your affiliate link is located at the top of the Affiliates section.

Affiliate section

There are two different affiliate links.

1. Landing page link displays Udimi landing page where people can register and then buy solo ad. It sets a cookie to your visitor for 30 days.

2. Recommended sellers page link displays all sellers you have added to your “Recommended” list. From there people can pick a seller and buy solo ad, they will instantly be hardcoded to your account.

To add a seller to your Recommended list, go to seller's profile and click Options button at the top right corner. There you'll see the option. 

How to make sure my link worked

When you (or your referral) clicks your link, there will be special string at the very bottom of the landing page Special thanks to <Your name>

If your referrals see this string after clicking your affiliate link, then everything is fine and cookie has been set.

Here is an example:

Special thanks

Important hint

Don't forget to convince your referrals to buy anything on Udimi, because they will get hardcoded to your account and bring you 15% lifetime commissions from all orders they place on Udimi.

You may ask them to do that before they follow your link to Udimi and additionally you can setup an automatic message inside Udimi with a reminder after they have registered.