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Review the statistics

Click a solo cell to see the statistics. If you do not see a graph on this screen, then the solo has not started yet.

Here you will see all delivered traffic updated in real-time. Your seller has a maximum of 100 hours to deliver all visitors to you, the graph shows a breakdown by days.

Statistics of the order

Click on the graph to see a more detailed distribution of clicks by time.

Clicks distribution

In the lower-left corner, you can change the time zone for displaying clicks.

Below the graph, you can see the distribution of traffic by country and the percentage of each country.

Traffic geography

And finally, go to the 'Detailed Statistics' tab to see detailed information about each visitor you received.

Detailed stats

Click on any visitor's country cell to see the exact geographic location of the visitor.

Visitors geo

You can also export these statistics as PDF or CSV using the 'Export stats' button.

Export stats

Filtered clicks

To see all filtered traffic on the solo, switch to the Filtered tab of detailed stats. In the top field, you will see a summary.

Filtered traffic

Please note that these percentages do not add up to 100% because one click can belong to two or more categories at the same time, for example: Double click without Javascript that has been identified as anonymous.

Below the summary, you will see each click with the reason for filtration.

filtration reason

Under the 'Useless' tab, you can find useless traffic. This is real traffic from real people, but in most cases, it is useless for you. Useless can be duplicate clicks from the same person, people who left your website in less than 5 seconds, and other types of traffic that will most likely not do anything on your website.

If you are a Prime member of Udimi, we recommend that you use our optin tracker to see all your opt-ins and their actions on your site.

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