Custom info with referrals

Multi-channel Tracking

To improve tracking of your campaigns and referrals, you can pass any custom variable with your referrals to Udimi via the "?sid=" parameter.

For example, if your affiliate link is, you can use This variable will be stored in your referral account and will be visible on the Referrals screen.

How can I use it?

If you are driving traffic to your affiliate link from multiple sources, it is very handy to tag all visitors from each source to keep track of which one is giving you the best results. For example: If you are promoting Udimi in your email list, you can add ?sid=mylist. For messengers you can add ?sid=msg and so on. You can pass any word as a variable.

How to see it

After your referral registers, a special identifier will be recorded in their account. You can see this ID right in the My Referrals section of the Affiliates page.

Just click the plus button next to the table and select the Sid column to display it. It will appear instantly. You can also sort by this field.

If you export your referral list to a CSV file, all fields will be there too.