Optin tracking

What is optin tracking?

While Udimi automatically tracks all clicks on your solo ads, in order to track optins/subscriptions and sales, you need to install the Udimi optin tracking script on your site.

The Optin tracker is a useful tool for determining the performance of your landing page and funnel. Using the results of measurements, you can easily improve your funnel and increase your income.

How it works

When a visitor goes to your landing page, our script records this event. When a visitor subscribes, the script logs an ‘optin’ event, and finally, when a visitor makes a purchase on your site, the script logs a ‘sell’ event. Based on these numbers, you will see conversion rates. 

To get started, you need to install the Udimi tracking code on your website.

How to setup optin tracking

You need to install our code on the pages of your site.

Open the Optins section in the menu on the left.

Click Add site and you will see the Udimi code page.

Copy the code as it is and paste it in before </head> - closing header tag (with a slash).

Udimi code example

Install this code on all pages you want to track.

Once you have pasted the code, click the 'Continue' button. The system will check if the code is set correctly.

Installation is pretty easy for experienced person, but if you need help installing the code, we can do that for you for a onetime fee of $49 per site. Just ask our support.

Specify your funnel pages

Landing page
Usually, this is a page with a subscription form and click 'Next'. The system will search for the Udimi code on your page.

'Thank you' page
This is the page where you say 'Thank you for subscribing' or the members-only area. This is usually the page you show to the person who has entered their email or has just registered on your membership site.

‘Sold’ or ‘Purchase successful’ page
This is the payment confirmation page. The page that you show to a visitor after they place an order on your site.

Send traffic and check stats

Once you have completed this setup, the system will start tracking clicks, optins, and sales on your site. You will see a new ‘Optins’ tab on your solo ad statistics screen.

It will show all optins for the selected solo.

Non-Udimi traffic

Our optin tracking script will also take into account the conversion of the traffic you receive from other sources. You can see stats for each site and funnel on the Optins page.


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