How much will I get

Payment for Primes

All Udimi commissions are recurring for a membership lifetime of all your referrals.

You will receive 50% monthly from all Prime referral subscriptions if you are a Prime member of Udimi, or 25% monthly from all Prime referrals if you are not a Prime yourself. 

Example: If you are Prime and bring us 100 Primes, you will earn: 100 * $29.95 * 50% = $1497,50 every month. What is Prime?

Payment for orders

You will receive 15% off all orders of all your referrals.

Example: If you bring 100 customers to Udimi who will 10 make orders / month for $500 each, you will earn: 100 * 10 * $500 * 15% = $75 000 every month.

$10 gift to all referrals

All your referrals will receive a $5 welcome gift code immediately upon signing up with your affiliate link. After the first purchase, they will receive an additional $5 coupon. New members who register on Udimi without any referrer do not receive a welcome gift, so they benefit from using your affiliate link.

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