Seller rules

Udimi is an honest advertising platform, so we will be frank and honest with you: if you are here to play cheating/fraudulent games, this will be a short game with a sad ending.

1. Never SPAM. If you send an advertisement through spam, we will immediately detect it because we receive spamvertised notifications immediately through email feedback loops. We simply 404 block any spammy link from our end, so there is no point in spamming.

2. Do not steal from us. Do not encourage buyers to buy outside of Udimi. You got all the buyers thanks to Udimi and its Affiliates. Any attempt to lure our buyers out of Udimi will be classified as stealing a customer from Udimi and attempting to deceive the buyer.

3. Do not try to trick the traffic filter. An automated system and live human support monitor traffic throughout the system. Even if you find a way to bypass automatic filters, live experts will immediately ban you.

4. Please read the Udimi Payout Rules as we do not pay out earnings instantly. New accounts must wait 35 days to receive the first payment. Plus, there may be other restrictions, depending on many risk factors.