How to buy solo ad

Find a seller

Go to the Find Sellers section and use filters at the top to find a seller who suits you. Default parameters work fine for the majority, but we’ve created quite a few filters to help you find exactly what you need.

Search filters
Search buttons

Meaning of each button:

Maximum price you wish to pay for a visitor that passed all Udimi filters.

Filter traffic by niche a seller works in.

Minimal number of positive ratings a seller must have.

Got sales
Percentage of orders where a seller generated sales for customers. Percent reflects only 100 latest orders.

Repeat orders
Percent of repeat orders from customers.

Sort results by price, ratings, or sales. Ascending or descending. 

Start within
When you need to start the solo. Put here 24 hours if you want to start asap.

Traffic source
Shows where the majority of clicks come from. Determined by fresh actual stats gathered by Udimi click filter during 30 latest delivered orders.

Sellers language
Language the seller speaks. Autodetected from the user's browser language.

Seller located in
Current physical location of the seller.

Only online
Pick whether you want to show only people who are online on Udimi at the moment

Identity verification
Show only the sellers who verified their identity via passport check and video.

This button shows a list of sellers who you added to favorites.

Use this button to search by a keyword. For example, seller name or text in the profile description.

Save search
Saves your search filters. Next time, instead of setting all filters again, just load your search. 

Load saved
Loads previously saved search or resets the parameters to default.

Browse search results

After you’ve selected all filters you need, you’ll see seller cards. Everything is pretty simple here: photo, name of the seller, and a short bio.

Seller card

On the right side, you can see the price per visitor, percent of Got Sales ratings, and a total number of ratings.

Review seller’s profile

At the top of the profile, you will see the seller's country and city, local time, all ratings, and awards. 

Sellers profile

You can directly message the seller using the Send message button.

Check average stats

Below the order form, you will see average traffic stats from the latest 30 solos of this seller.

Traffic Geography

Read ratings from buyers

All ratings you see in the rating section are from Udimi solos only. Sellers are not able to remove buyer’s ratings. Negative ratings are also non-removable.

Seller rating

You’ll see a summary of all ratings at the top and the latest ten ratings below it. If you wish to show all ratings with an option to filter them, click the “Filter ratings” link or “Show more ratings” button at the bottom.

Place the order

Place the order

Select the number of visitors you want to order using the slider and pick the delivery start date at the top right-hand corner of the order form. The minimum and the maximum number of visitors depends on the seller’s setup and availability on the selected date.

Select filters

Below the visitors number slider you can pick traffic filters that will be applied to your solo.

Select filters

Base filter is always included on all orders and can not be turned off for your protection.

Prime filter is an optional feature and costs 3¢ per visitor. It saves you more money and we recommend you turn it on, but that’s up to you. Read about Udimi prime filter

Only mobile - you will get traffic only from mobile phone users and tablets. The filter price is set by a seller.

Only top tier - you’ll get only traffic from the wealthiest countries. The filter price is set by a seller. We suggest taking a look at the average percentage of top tier traffic this seller has. You can see it on the traffic geography map on the seller’s profile.

No mobile - you will get only desktop traffic, including laptops. The filter price is set by a seller.

Put in your link or ad text

Ok, now put your link in the next field:

Link only

If you have ad text, it is much better. Select “Ad text” and insert it in the text area.

Ad text

Your ad text body must have at least one link. It can have as many links as you wish, but all links must point to the same web page.

The system will save your link or ad text in the Ad texts area. On the next order it will automatically insert your previously used ad text/link in the order form.

Also, you’ll be able to select one of the previously used ad texts/links using the drop-down menu.

Previous ad texts

Define timing

If order start time is important for you and you don’t want to start it sooner than scheduled, then uncheck “Allow the seller to start traffic delivery earlier, than scheduled”.

Allow earlier

This way the seller will not start the delivery before the date you’ve selected at the top right corner of the order form.

Select a payment method and complete your order.

Payment method

If you wish to buy more than one solo ad, you can go to the Money section and top up your Udimi balance. The money will be automatically used to pay for your orders.

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